Being part of the interligentisa

Being part of the intelligentsia used to be a hip thing.

You were seen (not least by yourself) as intellectual, maybe also intelligent. This gave you access to a rarefied sphere, a VIP-room in the crowded departure hall of dull, dense humanity.

So what´s it like to be part of the interligentsia? Like being a member of an exclusive non-exclusive club. And also hip, in the sense of being aware, in the know.

Aware of thinking, without trendiness and the competing (with others) aspects. Yes, that could be a positive think-thing.

Hip is also something very practical: the part of the human body where pelvis and thigh join. “Pelvis” and “thigh” could be you and me, joining our thinking in an interligent manner.

Take a look at this cartoon.

connected to nothing“Connected to nothing” is a good way to describe insular, solitary intelligence. Yes, yes, it can feel great to be the solitary genius. But even he needs to eventually present his ideas to the world, thus connecting in some way.

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